I have dreamed of doing a project with WHYY since my freshman year as a journalism student at Temple University. Now as a senior, I’ve finally done it. Doing this bootcamp was not only humbling, but also empowering. I finished with a new sense of confidence in my reporting abilities.

I chose Lindy Li as my subject because I felt like the media coverage of her, and her run for Congress, has been largely superficial. I wanted to know what motivated her, and continues to drive her in this journey, despite skepticism over her abilities and sincerity as a candidate.

This week I found out how much I enjoy editing audio, which I’m hoping to incorporate into my future plans. I dream of being an academic who combines theory and practice — in this case, audio editing — to help advance media that serves the people.

I learned how to use Pro Tools, how to better interview subjects for a non-narrated piece, and new techniques for writing and editing.

It was a tough week, but I had fun. I especially enjoyed the fact that there was a project sheet available to help us organize, a technique I will be using from now on.

One thing I learned is the importance of taking breaks, especially when the mentors and facilitators would press the issue of personal wellness over the project. While it seems obvious to stop working when I am tired, I hadn’t figured out how to do that until this project.

I would like to thank everyone at NPR and WHYY that helped make this experience possible.

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